Sicare - Otto Shampoo
Sicare - Otto Shampoo

Sicare - Otto Shampoo

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SiCare Otto Shampoo is a Highly Concentrated and Effective PH-Neutral shampoo with a mixing ratio of 1:2000.

This is guaranteed to be the most concentrated and best foaming and lubricating shampoo you have ever tried, only 10 ml of soap is enough for a 20 liter bucket that will make a serious foam bath for your car.

Otto Shampoo is very gentle on the paint and 100% safe to use on waxes, sealants and coatings alike, which are in no way disturbed by the shampoo which is pH neutral and contains no wax or other shine enhancers.

SiCare Otto Shampoo has an extremely high glide/lubricity, this allows your wash mitt to glide over the paint with the least amount of friction and the strong foam will encapsulate the dirt and safely direct it away from the paint, reducing the chances of scratching your fine paint. These are the properties that make Otto Shampoo the tastiest soap you can imagine.

SiCare Otto Shampoo is without a doubt a shampoo that belongs to the elite on the market and at the same time very affordable because it is superior compared to other shampoos in its concentration. 500ml of Otto shampoo is equivalent to many liters of a traditional shampoo if you compare the mixing ratio. This is where you really save money!

Sicare Otto Shampoo's Mixing Ratio 1: 2000 requires only 10 ml per 20 liters of water (large wash buckets) so each bottle offers the following number of washes:

500ml / 50 washes

1000ml / 100 washes

How to use SiCare Otto Shampoo:

For best results, first treat insects with SiCare Bug Buster and perform a foam pre-wash with SiCare Frosted foam.

Now the car is ready to be hand washed, fill your wash bucket 50% with water and pour 10-15ml SiCare Otto Shampoo into the bucket (20 liter bucket). Then take the nozzle/handle of your pressure washer and put it all the way to the bottom of the bucket and activate the lever so that the bucket is completely filled with water. This will create turbulence in the water which will mix the soap appropriately and activate the foam. (NOTE that you must go all the way to the bottom of the bucket with the nozzle, otherwise water will squirt out and you will get wet).

After this, for extra foam effect, you can also apply a few drops of Otto Shampoo to your wash mitt.

Always wash from top to bottom in straight movements and NEVER wash in the sun or on hot surfaces.

we recommend treating the paintwork with SiCare Lotus after washing (if necessary)

and for wiping off use SiCare Silky Towel or Silky Towel plus.

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