Sicare - Lotus Wet Coating
Sicare - Lotus Wet Coating
Sicare - Lotus Wet Coating
Sicare - Lotus Wet Coating

Sicare - Lotus Wet Coating

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(NOTE: Lotus is now colorless and not blue as shown in the picture. This means the product has a longer shelf life and stability. Now up to one year).

SiCare Lotus is a sio2 nano Spray Sealer (also called coil coating).

With Lotus you can get a better effect than traditional wax in less than 2 minutes, Lotus lasts up to about 3 months per treatment.

we recommend Lotus as an extra care for coated cars because the sio2 content takes care of the coating and will make it perform better and longer, it will strengthen the surface properties and at the same time act as a wear layer that will make the coating last longer.

Lotus is stronger than wax, gives more shine, protects better and so you never have to spend time and effort in waxing your car again.


summer time about 2-3 months

winter time Approximately 1 -1 1/2 months

How to use Lotus:

Rinse your car when you have finished washing and rinsed out your shampoo completely. Spray Lotus on the car, leave it for about 30 sec, then rinse with water, then dry the car.

we recommend dividing the process so that you grab panel by panel. Apply Lotus to that area and then rinse off, repeating this until the whole car is treated. This way the product does not stay on the paint too long. Since it should not sit for more than 30 seconds.


can be used on all exterior surfaces, paint, rims, windows, chrome profiles, flat connectors, etc.

Lotus can be used on cars, boats, caravans, windows, bicycles, motorcycles, garden furniture, greenhouses, etc.

so SiCare Lotus is for everyone!

When using on windows, at +60kmt, do not use your wipers. (If you get white spots on the windshield over time then you need to replace your wiper blades)

consumption per car is 100ml on small cars and about 200ml on larger cars, and here we give a little tip!

It can be a big challenge to e.g. put 200ml of Lotus via spray bottle on a big car, so our tip is that you can pour 200ml of Lotus into a foam lance or extra spray bottle and mix another 200ml of water over it, and here you have 400ml of product that you can spray on the car and reach all the way around it! But remember to use all 400 ml or you won't get the 200 ml Lotus as required! when using a foam lance, remember to turn the mixing screw down and adjust it so you can reach around the car before the container is empty!

store dark and cool and keep out of the reach of children.

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